Ancient Parable on Increasing Wealth

This is an article on increase and permission from the ancient parable of the ten minds. Perspective gleaned from this story Jesus told gives us keys to wealth, breakthrough, and a invitation to live from the Kingdom’s perspective. Continue reading »

Adventures with Holy Spirit

From the secret place of prayer to the city sidewalks we can live in a constant, unbroken place of communion with God. A question that often goes unanswered is “What does it look like to walk with God on a Tuesday?”Continue reading »

Questions from a Three Year Old

Two of our best friends have a three year old named Indi. A few weeks ago in the car Indi ripped off a barrage of questions that most adults would …Continue reading »

Taking Back Healing: Disappointment and Hope

To bring up the topic of healing, especially miraculous healing, there is so much pain, confusion, loss and disappointment. All of this amounts to us believing in our own “failure” to not pray hard enough, or the confirming fact that God really doesn’t come through for us.Continue reading »

Romanced By God

Romanced by God, that’s the point. That’s the point of Christianity. We have been pursued by a God who is absolutely enthralled with us. The question I have is, do …Continue reading »

Satisfaction over Desperation

This blog is about living satisfied in Christ and His finished work. When we do this we become aware of our abundance in Christ and no longer relate to God through the dysfunction of desperation.Continue reading »

Obsession… nothing less

Over the past few years I have come to realize that “commitment” is such a weak word.  I have come to realize that anything less than an obsession for the …Continue reading »

Countless Binge Sessions

After years of countless binge sessions on books, sermons, retreats, even heart to heart conversations, I had come to realize that l wasn’t changing all that much. I felt good …Continue reading »

Called Into Mystery

Do you ever feel like life goes by as if someone pressed play and we became the characters of a script we never agreed to? The script seems to repeat …Continue reading »

Heaven and Earth Collide

We, the church, are the marriage between Heaven and Earth. Christ, in the outpouring of His body on the cross, re-united both visible and invisible worlds into one reality.1 In …Continue reading »