Overcoming Discouragement

Steve Hale from Bethel Atlanta speaks on “Overcoming Discouragement.” This message encourages us to stregthen ourselves in the Lord. Giving examples of how that looks when rubber hits the road and you find road blocks in your day. Steve shares his life experience and what helps turn the tide of discouragement into encouragement, prophecy and promise! Practical advice to engage God in day-to-day.Continue reading »

Clothe Yourself in Humility

Randall Worley is a revelatory teacher. His insight and life experience is a source of deep, penetrating truth. In this message at Bethel Atlanta Randall Worley shares a piercing word on clothing ourselves in humility. A word for those willing to embrace correction, discipline and the joy of being fathered by God and peers.Continue reading »

Overcoming the Inner “Scrooge”

Scott Thompson speaks on Overcoming the Inner “Scrooge” this message is for the knit and grit of our day. “When you get squeezed, your thankfulness has a chance to come …Continue reading »

Developing a Strong Spirit

“Developing a Strong Spirit” is a encouraging message by Bill Johnson that gives us practical advice to carry God’s pleasure in all the circumstances of life with a strong heart and spirit.Continue reading »

Follow your Favor

“Follow your Favor” is a timely word by Danny Silk, this message is really important in how we walk with God into new seasons of life, where decisions need to be made for our jobs, relationships, and families. Continue reading »

The Process of Promises

In “The Process of Promise” Kris Vallatton speaks with humor and insight on how we are to handle the prophetic words over our life and the process of the promises …Continue reading »

Recognizing His Voice

Bill Johnson speaks about recognizing the Lord’s voice. He covers the different and day-to-day ways God speaks to His kids by sharing his personal experiences. This sermon will encourage you …Continue reading »

Sexy on the Inside

Rob Bell uncovers what has been greatly misunderstood, our sexuality. He brings definition to sexuality for single and married people, which goes beyond our physical union into our connectivity to …Continue reading »

Your Personal History With God

Bill Johnson shares on the value of our personal history with God, and building our conversation with Holy Spirit.

Theology of Breathing

Rob Bell of Mars Hill speaks on the theology of breathing. He covers the Hebrew and Greek words, “ruah” and “pneuma” for breath and spirit. This message is simple and …Continue reading »